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1 someone whose occupation involves training in a specific technical process
2 someone known for high skill in some intellectual or artistic technique

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  • tĕk-nĭsh'ən, /tekˈnɪʃən/, /tek"nIS@n/


technic + -ian


  1. A person who studies, professes or practices technology.



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A technician is generally someone in a technological field who has a relatively practical understanding of the general theoretical principles of that field, e.g., as compared to an engineer in that field. They are generally much more versed in technique compared to the average layperson, or even the professional in that field. A mid-level of understanding of theory, and a high-level of technique, is generally mastered by the technician in order to become expert in a specific tool domain. This may be part of a larger (production) process. Hence, an audio technician, while not as learned in acoustics as a physicist or an acoustical engineer, will generally know more than other studio personnel, including performers, and will be able to operate suitably designed sound equipment. Technicians may be classified as either skilled workers or semi-skilled workers.
Technicians may be found working in a variety of fields, and they usually have a job title with the designation 'technician' following the particular category of work. Thus a 'stage technician' is a worker who provides technical support for putting on a play, while a 'medical technician' is an employee who provides technical support in the medical industry or to the medical profession.
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Admirable Crichton, adept, aficionado, amateur, apprentice, artificer, artisan, artist, attache, authority, buff, connaisseur, connoisseur, consultant, cordon bleu, crack shot, craftsman, craftswoman, critic, dead shot, dilettante, diplomat, diplomatist, elder statesman, experienced hand, expert, expert consultant, fan, freak, graduate, handicraftsman, handy man, journeyman, marksman, master, master carpenter, master craftsman, mechanic, no slouch, nut, politician, prentice, pro, professional, professor, proficient, pundit, savant, scholar, shark, sharp, specialist, statesman, technical adviser, technical expert, wright
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